Our Barrel-Aged Specialties
Released Once a Year


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Midnight Brüe

Imperial Stout Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels - 9.2% ABV

Months of aging in bourbon whiskey barrels brings added complexity and flavor to our imperial stout. Notes of whiskey, tobacco, chocolate, coffee, and raisin are layered together by the ample addition of special roasted and caramel malts. Pairs best with roasted meats, aged cheeses, and rich deserts.

16 oz Can (2018-)
500 ml bottle

Oak Barrel-Aged Edinbrüe

Scotch Ale Aged in Oak Barrels - 9% ABV

After ten months in American Oak Barrels, our Wee Heavy Scotch Ale has developed increased complexity and depth with notes of caramel, whiskey, smoke, vanilla, and malt. Pairs well with roasted meats, strong cheeses, and creamy desserts.

500 ml bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon Edinbrüe

Scotch Ale aged in Napa Cabernet Barrels with Brettanomyces - 9.5% ABV

Nineteen months aging, and a dose of our house Brettanomyces culture, has led to a slight earthy funk that complements the oak and red wine character from the beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon barrels procured from Napa Valley. Flavors and aromas of oak, black currant, and dark fruit fill out our favorite blending of the wine and beer worlds. Pair with roasted meats, aged cheeses, and creamy desserts.

500 ml bottle

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Dark Strong

Barrel-Aged Trappist-STyle Quadrupel

We began with the highest quality yeast, specialty grains, and candi syrup from Belgium before a secondary fermentation with Champagne yeast, and finally an additional seven months of aging in oak barrels. The resulting beer is a dry, malty beer, with flavors of date, fig, raisin and dark sugar, that is balanced by a warmth from the alcohol.

500 ml bottle